Our activities related to the provision of our partners in Afghanistan and Asia motivated personnel to work in various industries and also eliminates the need for employees to waste time searching for vacancies.

The work in Afghanistan. Jobs in South Cenralny Asia.
Recruitment to Your requirements - selection of employees to Your needs


Jobs for men, women, couples, students


Cooperation with employers the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kunduz, Taloqan, Jalalabad, Puli Khumri, Charikar, shibergan, Ghazni, SAR-e-Pul, Khost, Chaghcharan, Mihtarlam, Farah, Pule Alam, Aybak, Gah... find work in different occupations, given their skills and ability.


Recruiting workers from Eastern Europe, mainly from Ukraine, also from Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and other countries



You can find professional specialists - graduates with higher education (skilled workers) and unskilled workers (workers without proper experience or skills)


Recruitment of workers in such industries:

scientists, Economics, engineers, mechanics, doctors, pharmacists, dentistry, energy, specialists in it technology and telecommunications, automotive industry, agriculture, food industry, confectioners, construction trades and crafts, and wizard (the installation of: tile, facade, drywall, plumbers, electricians, brick and block, concrete), masons and painters, mining, heavy industry, marine specialty, marine ports, fitters, welders, drivers on beads, buses, cars, trucks, child care for children and older persons - nurses to care for the sick and elderly, staff at harvest (seasonal work), unskilled physical labor in factories, construction, agriculture, and other...


The main and the biggest needs of economic activities are human resources, depends on them, so effectively you will use other resources Your business and position Your firm in the market to achieve success


To search for relevant candidates, please provide detailed information about the job:

1. Work for: men, women, couples, students.
2. Location: country, area, town (village).
3. Specialty (vacant position).
4. Necessary skills, knowledge, and documents confirming the experience and length of service.
5. Description and duties of the employee.
6. Additional information about the work location and conditions.
7. System of labor: the number of hours per day, number of days per week.
8. The system of work and pay:
hourly or from the amount of completed work,
advance? and the number of receipt,
wages and the number of receipt (gross - net)
cash or card.
9. Housing: free or pay - what price (living conditions).
10. Meals: free or at their own expense.
11. From when getting started.
12. How much time does the job.
13. Type of employment: contract, lease agreement, etc...
14. Employment candidate is an Afghan firm (firm in Asia) ?
15. What type of social security workers.
16. The signing of the Contract with the Applicant.
17. Information on the company - employer.
18. Help with documents for arrival (arrival) of the candidate.
19. Additional information private from You.


Innovative offering for businesses, firms, organizations, corporations, factories, other forms of ownership...


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